Rebates & Tax Credits

There are several ways that our customers can receive rebates and tax credits for equipment they install. At The Surfin’ Plumbers Heating, Cooling & Electrical, we’ll help you take advantage of every financial offering available to you.

Air Conditioning Rebates and Tax Credits

Tennessee has its own rules and regulations governing the use of energy efficient appliances in the home, and the federal government offers incentives as well. Energy Star products qualify, as do some other options.

Other units that can qualify you for these breaks include:

● An advanced main air circulating fan, which offers a more energy-efficient method of cooling large rooms

● Central air conditioning units that operate using lower energy and are rated higher on the SEER energy scale

● Split systems that only cool rooms that need cooling, helping to conserve energy and keep utility costs low

The equipment you use must be approved by the federal or state government in order to qualify for the tax credits applicable to energy saving appliances. If you run your household on solar energy, you can increase your overall tax savings.

Heating Rebates and Tax Credits

In Tennessee, the state offers certain statewide incentives for using energy-efficient heating as well as sustainable energy sources. Using qualifying natural gas, propane, and oil furnaces can save you a lot. Boilers are included in this category.

Other incentives include write-offs for:

● Installation of an energy efficient heat pump

● Use of solar energy to heat and cool the home

● Use of energy efficient water heaters

● Proper insulation of homes to decrease energy loss

● Installation of energy efficient windows

● Upgrading duct work to maximize airflow efficiency

Some of these programs also provide opportunities for homeowners to participate in energy loans, offering you access to thousands of dollars toward your electrical bill and energy efficient appliance installation. Find out more when you reach out to our team today.

Talk to Your HVAC Experts Today

If you want to take advantage of these rebates and tax credits on a state, local, or national level, contact The Surfin’ Plumbers Heating, Cooling & Electrical experts today. We know which units qualify for which incentives, so we can show you a list and tell you what will work best for you.

Choose your new units, and we’ll install them for you quickly so you can get comfortable at home again soon! Make your appointment and find out how you can save money today!

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