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Nashville Generator Services

We know that you need power for your home and your business, no matter what happens. That’s why we specialize in installing and maintaining generators for residential, industrial, and commercial customers. Keep all of your essential systems functioning even when the power goes out and guarantee that you and your business not only survive, but thrive, even when things go bad.

When you work with The Surfin’ Plumbers Heating, Cooling & Electrical, you’re choosing electricians who have been in this business for years. We will help you size your generator/s, choose the best one for your needs, and get it installed. Whether you just want to make sure the basics are covered or you have machinery that absolutely cannot quit on you, we’ll help you feel confident that you will always have the power you need to keep things running.

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Residential Generators

If you don’t have a residential generator, now is the time to start thinking about one. Nashville can experience some severe weather, and it’s easy to panic when you hear some of those forecasts. Instead of worrying, though, sit back and relax after we install your new generator.

We’ll work with you to determine which systems are essential in your home. We’ll calculate the electric load these would draw, then help you find a generator that will have you covered. We only recommend generators from brands we have come to know and trust throughout our years in the electrical business, so you can be sure that, whatever you pick, you’ve made a good choice.

We’ll oversee your generator installation, too. Some of these installations can be difficult, but we know all the tricks. Pretty soon, you’ll have a source of backup power that will turn on automatically, no matter what has gone wrong.

Commercial and Industrial Generators

Whether you’re looking for a generator to keep the lights on for your business or keep essential machinery running at your plant, we’ll help you find the solution that’s perfect for your needs. We’ll come alongside you to figure out the size of generator or generators that would work best for you, then we’ll order them and install them for you. 

Never worry about where your power is coming from again. When the team from The Surfin’ Plumbers And Electrical is caring for your industrial generators, you can be sure that you’ll have electricity whenever you need it, no matter what is going on around you. 

Call us to make your appointment today! We’ll consult with you about your new generator, then get to work finding and installing the one that’s best for you. 

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Whole Home Generators in Nashville

Benefits Of Whole Home Generators

Not sure if a generator is for you? Here are just a few good reasons to install one soon.

  • Your generator will come on automatically. You won’t even have to venture out in the storm to fire it up. We’ll set it up so that it will monitor the power to your home and provide what you need when the usual channels aren’t. 
  • Nashville gets uncomfortable fast! Even if the storm manages to cool the air, you still have to deal with the humidity. Most people find themselves getting sticky within just a few minutes of the power going out. Your emergency power generator will keep your air conditioner running so you don’t suffer this way.
  • Save the food in your fridge. When the power goes out, your fridge stops working. If it’s only out for a couple of hours, most of your food will probably still be fine. If it’s out for much longer than that, though, things will start to go bad. You could end up replacing your entire fridge and freezer stash! You could also end up losing any essential medications that you have to keep cold. That’s a lot of money and a lot of hassle! Save yourself the stress with one of our whole home generators.
  • Protect yourself when the power comes back on. Sometimes, return power does more damage than power loss does. When power first returns, it can be intermittent or have voltage fluctuations and/or surges. These can damage appliances, including computers or televisions that are on the circuit. Your generator will protect you from these so you can keep everything plugged in and use it as you normally would. 

Call The Surfin' Plumbers For Generator Services

If you’re thinking about an emergency standby generator, give us at The Surfin’ Plumbers Heating, Cooling & Electrical a call today. Talk to an expert Nashville electrician who can answer your questions and come out to see whether your home is a good candidate for a generator and what it would take to get one installed. 


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