How To Change Change A Furnace Filter

How to Change a Furnace Filter

When you call us at The Surfin’ Plumbers, Heating & Cooling to come out and perform furnace maintenance or furnace services, we will happily change your furnace filter for you. However, you can also perform this task on your own, and you should! 

Furnace filters need to be replaced more often than you need to perform furnace maintenance. Here’s what you need to know to successfully replace your furnace filter. 

how to change your nashville furnace filter

Turn Off the Furnace

Make sure your furnace is off and will not turn on while you’re working. If you’re worried, you can flip the breaker to your furnace or find the power switch and turn it completely off.

Find the Filter

Use your furnace manual to find out how to access the filter. Many furnaces will actually have “Filter” or something similar printed on the panel the filter resides behind. You may have to remove this panel with a screwdriver in order to actually see the filter. 

Get the Right Size

The size of the filter should be printed on the side of the old one. You may want to note this down for future reference or even write it in permanent marker on the side of the furnace. Note that you may be able to choose a thicker filter as long as the other dimensions are the same, as long as your furnace can handle it. This may give you greater filtration when it comes to allergens and tiny things, like bacteria.

Place it Properly

Most furnace filters have one side that should go towards where the air is flowing in. The best way to make sure you get this right is to leave the old filter in until you’re placing the new one. Then place the new one exactly as the old one was placed. 

Turn the Furnace Back On

Flip the switch or the breaker or turn your furnace back on at the thermostat. It should work and you should have cleaner air than before. If your furnace filter was very dirty, you should notice a drop in your energy usage. 

How Often to Change a Furnace Filter

We usually recommend changing your filter every 1-3 months, depending on a few factors. Our techs can give you a better idea after they look at your furnace and talk to you about how often you use it. Even with minimal use, you should change your filter at least every 6 months.

Contact us at The Surfin’ Plumbers, Heating & Cooling today if you have questions about changing your air filter or you need some help learning how to do it. We’ll be there soon to make sure everything is working well!


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