Water Pressure Issues in Nashville, TN

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Improve Your Water Flow for Maximum Efficiency

Whether it’s one faucet or your whole house, low water pressure can be extremely frustrating for the homeowner. Without adequate water pressure, you might have trouble taking a shower, washing the dishes, or watering your yard. Some water pressure solutions are simple, while others require a more in-depth correction.

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What Can Affect Water Pressure in a House?

Low water pressure can be caused by an over-tight PRV (pressure reducing valve) or a partially closed shut off valve. Leaks in the water pipes will reduce pressure throughout the home. Over time, mineral buildup in pipes will obstruct flow and decrease pressure. Lastly, low pressure could indicate a failing pressure regulator.

Has Your Water Pressure Been Adjusted?

Your home’s plumbing system is designed to sustain a certain amount of pressure from your water. Low pressure can lead to infuriating showers, while pressure that’s too high can cause serious damage to your appliances and pipes. Sometimes, homeowners intentionally set the water pressure low to conserve water.

If you want to bring your water pressure down, you have many options for doing so. Water pressure can be set purposely low through:

  • Turning down the pressure regulator at the water main
  • Installing an expansion tank to help diffuse the pressure
  • Adjusting air chambers or cushions to slow the flow naturally

All of these options intentionally slow the flow of the water through your pipes so that the pressure will be reduced. Signs that your water pressure may be too high include banging in your pipes, visible stress or bulges in your plumbing, chronically dripping faucets, and running toilets.

Worn Out Pipes & Pressure Problems

Older homes especially have problems with water pressure, either from years of pressure that’s too high or from simple age. Should you experience problems with your home’s water pressure and you know you have an older home, you may need to have some or all of the pipes replaced.


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