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Indoor Air Quality Services, Nashville

While the primary role of your HVAC system is to keep your home comfortable, it actually helps keep you healthy, too! At The Surfin’ Plumbers Heating, Cooling & Electrical, we boast IAQ experts who specialize in indoor air quality systems for Nashville homes. Read on to learn more, and call now to schedule service!

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Have you noticed any problems with your indoor air quality (IAQ)? If so, our Nashville indoor air quality experts are ready to take a look and offer a free, in-person estimate to solve your issue. Our board certified technicians have extensive experience with handling indoor air quality issues. Whether they be uncomfortable humidity problems, improper ventilation issues, or inappropriate temperature regulations, we know how to solve them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor Air Quality Services

What is “Indoor Air Quality”?

Indoor air quality, also known as indoor environmental quality, refers to the way in which inside air can impact a person’s health, work, and comfort levels. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not have any official standards regarding indoor air quality, but it does give general guidelines.

What is Considered Good IAQ?

Buildings and workplaces with good IAQ typically provide comfortable temperature and humidity, an appropriate supply of fresh outside air, and a regulation for indoor and outdoor pollutants. If you cannot breathe properly or feel uncomfortable due to poor IAQ, our Nashville indoor air quality technicians will offer a complimentary, in-person estimate to determine the cost of fixing the issues.

What are Some Common Causes of Poor IAQ?

Poor air circulation of fresh outside air or excessive circulation of polluted outside air can both contribute to inadequate IAQ. In addition, inefficient maintenance of air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems will also lead to a deterioration in IAQ. Lastly, dampness and moisture damage coupled with physical activities such as remodeling can lead to poor IAQ as well.

How Can I Test for IAQ?

Unfortunately, there is no single, decisive test for IAQ. The main employer of your workplace should intermittently check for IAQ indicators such as temperature, air flow and humidity levels. Building walkthroughs should also be regularly conducted in order to discover potential IAQ hazards. Leaks, dirt, animal droppings, bad smells, and standing water are all examples of poor IAQ indicators. Our heavily experienced technicians know just what to look for when solving your IAQ problems.

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