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Nashville Plumbing Repair

Stop searching for a “plumbing company near me” when you are facing plumbing issues, and call The Surfin’ Plumbers Heating, Cooling & Electrical, instead! Our team will get to you fast and perform any variety of plumbing repair. From toilet plumbing to pipe repair and more, we’ll make sure your systems are safe and operational!

Trusted Plumber for All Pipe Repairs & Installations

At The Surfin’ Plumbers Heating, Cooling & Electrical, we fix all pipe problems, from leaks to bulges and everything in between. Your home depends on its plumbing to keep the water running smoothly, and your plumbing depends on our Nashville pipe repair team.

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We’re Enthusiastic About Solving Problems

Our philosophy is simple: provide amazing customer experience every time.

Arrive at the scheduled time
Quote the job before starting it
Leave everything clean
Complete the job as scheduled & quoted
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Pipe Repair Services

If it's broken, we can fix it!

We repair all pipes, including:

  • Copper pipes
  • Galvanized steel pipes
  • PVC pipes
  • CPVC pipes
  • PEX pipes

Repairs & Replacement Parts for Your Plumbing

Trust our team to correctly repair your old pipes or to install new ones if needed. We talk you through our plan for repairs, showing you the weaknesses in your pipes and recommending ways to protect your system in the future. Pipes often break due to water pressure issues, age, or blocks in the line.

Our Nashville pipe repair specialists can show you how to spot signs of stress in your pipes and counsel you through the best ways to prevent a break from causing serious water damage in the future.

Outdoor Pipe Services

We also provide repairs and replacements for pipes that run outside of your house. If you’ve noticed a wet spot in your yard, even when not watering it, you may have a broken pipe beneath the ground. These are also called sinkholes, and sometimes smell unpleasant due to the type of pipe that has burst beneath the earth.

Look for these other signs inside your home that may signal a broken pipe:

  • Loud noises coming from the plumbing, especially banging
  • Wet drywall or patches on the floor around your plumbing
  • Bubbling and whistling when you flush the toilet or let water down the drain
  • Frequent backups in your drains
  • Dirty water coming from the taps
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